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Just Jam Podcast

JUST JAM with Tom Almli

Tom shares his approach to developing singers voices, running rehearsals. and choosing music for the Federal Way Chorale. 

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JUST JAM with Justin Thornton & James-dee Regalado (Pilot episode)
July 4, 2021

Federal Way Chorale's pilot episode of our 1st Video Podcast. Go behind the scenes how Federal Way Chorale managed during the pandemic. Justin and James share their own experiences as members of the chorale.

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JUST JAM with guest Brian Soushek, Associate Artistic Director of the Federal Way Chorale.
September 7, 2021

This episode walks down memory lane with Brian Soushek, the FWC's Associate Director. Brian highlights fun and memorable moments as the associate director and his position as interim director this past spring. 

JUST JAM with Justin Thornton & James-dee Regalado 

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