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Conductor Application Page

The Federal Way Chorale is seeking an Artistic Director and Conductor to assume the role vacated by our late Artistic Director and Conductor Laird Thornton.  The selected candidate will have several years of choral conducting experience with varied genres of music.

You must complete the application and submit both a cover letter & resume to qualify for this position. 
Position Description



The annual salary for this position is $12,700 per contracted year.


Job Description/Responsibilities


  • Develop and implement the mission and vision of the Chorale.

  • Prepare and conduct the Chorale at one concert performance in December and one performance in May at the PAEC (Federal Way Performing Art Center). Additional performances or collaborations, special community events and/or choral festivals may be added to this schedule with the mutual agreement of the Artistic Director and the Chorale Board of Directors.

  • Operate within the budget approved by the Chorale Board of Directors.

  • Participate in fundraising efforts, media appearances and other public relations activities as determined by the Chorale Board, subject to the Artistic Director’s schedule being such that the Artistic Director is reasonably available for such activities.

  • Attend monthly board and executive committee meetings



  • Traditional rehearsals are held weekly on Monday evenings 7-9:30 PM during the preparation months for the concert.  In the concert week, there is an additional “dress rehearsal”, typically on a Tuesday or Thursday before the Saturday concert event, depending on the availability of the PAEC (Performing Arts Center in Federal Way).    During Covid, a different protocol was followed for our virtual performance preparations.


  • Executive Committee Meetings are held the first Sunday of the Month (4 PM -6 PM).   Full Board meetings are the third Thursday of the month from 7PM – 9 PM).


Note: this is a minimum outline of the required hours.  Other concerts and community events would be in addition to the above listed requirements.


  • BA  or MA Music with an emphasis on choral conducting (preferred)



  • Five years’ Choral Conducting experience.


  • Experience Conducting

  • Availability to be focused on the Chorale, including our smaller performances, i.e. National Anthem (Flag Day and Emerald Downs), Memorial Day, Tree Lighting, etc.

  • Training – Choral conducting.

  • Ability to direct an orchestra with the Chorale.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

  • Long Term Commitment to the  Chorale and its mission statement.

  • The ability to engage new members and audience as much as possible.

  • The ability to draw an audience in Federal Way while challenging the membership with programming.

  • Ability to teach “The Messiah” to singers who participate from outside the Chorale membership.

  • Ability to Team teach the techniques and theory necessary for improving members’ singing, and to achieve the desired choral sound on musical selections.

  • Any additional skill sets including composing music, orchestration, producing digital music, etc.




The completed response and application is due by June 13, 2021. We will be conducting interviews June 21-26. Final in-person conducting interview will take place June 27. 

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