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Audition Submissions
Music Sheet
Submission Procedure
​You will be submitting 2 recordings
  1. Audition Solo - select a piece that is best suited for your voice both with style and range. Plan to use a pre recorded accompaniment to sing along with while you are recording.

  2. Vocal scale - sing along with the appropriate vocal scale provided.


Recording Instructions

  1. Before recording, be sure to warm up your voice properly. You want to show us your best performance. 

  2. Find a place to record your video. Stand in front of a monochrome background and make sure the area is well lit. 

  3. You will need two devices, one to play, and the other to record. We wish to hear your voice with the accompaniment, so you do not need headphones for these recordings. 

  4. Please present all your recordings in portrait orientation. 


Submission Instructions

  1. ​Submit your recordings using our submission form. Once you complete the form, submit your videos using the link provided. A Dropbox page will load. 

  2. Do not log into Dropbox. 

  3. Click on ADD FILES. Navigate to the file you wish to submit.  

  4. Enter your name and email address in the boxes provided. 

  5. Click upload. 

  6. The size of your file will determine how long your file takes to upload. Follow the progress bar. The page will indicate once your file has been completely loaded. 

  7. For best results, plug in your device while you are uploading and make sure you have a strong internet signal. 

  8. Once your file has fully uploaded, you should receive confirmation of your submission via email.

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